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  • How did Elmer Chocolate get its start?
    In 1845 at the age of 16, Christopher Henry Miller arrived in the United States from Germany. Ten years later in 1855, he used his pastry chef experience to open the Miller Candy Company on Jackson Avenue and Levee Street in New Orleans. By 1866, the business expanded to second location on South Peters and Natchez Streets in New Orleans.
  • Who was Elmer?
    Miller’s daughter Olivia married Augustus Elmer in 1900. Shortly thereafter, Elmer and three of his brothers-in-law joined the company and the name changed to Miller-Elmer Candy Company. Miller passed away in 1902. Elmer’s sons joined the business in 1914, and the company was renamed Elmer Candy Company. Augustus Elmer passed away in 1953 and his sons and grandsons continued to run the family company until the late 1960s.
  • Does the Elmer family still run the company today?
    Roy Nelson joined the company in the early 1960s and eventually purchased the candy portion of the business in 1963. Roy’s son Allan joined the company and together they centralized manufacturing into a new facility (1970) in Ponchatoula, LA – the Northshore of the New Orleans areas. The company focused on making seasonal chocolates rather than everyday candy and snacks. Today, the third generation of Nelsons (Rob and Michael) lead the company.
  • What happened to CheeWees?
    CheeWees is the cheesy snack originally invented at Elmer Candy in the 1930’s. CheeWees are still made today by Elmer Fine Foods. You can read about the history of this cheesy snack here
  • Do you still make Heavenly Hash and Gold Brick?
    Two traditional Easter treats remain in production – Heavenly Hash® Eggs (1923) and Gold Brick® Eggs (1936). Today you can also get a dark chocolate version of these local favorites, and there is even a Strawberry Heavenly Hash celebrating Ponchatoula’s annual Strawberry Festival. All of these products are only available in the local market and online from Valentine’s Day to Easter.
  • Do your products have any artificial flavors and colors?
    Our assorted chocolates have been free from artificial flavors and colors since 2017.
  • What is “bloom” and why is my chocolate white?
    Bloom is a candy making term referring to the white or grayish layer that sometimes appears on chocolate. Blooming is a natural occurrence when the cocoa fat in the chocolate comes to the surface. This usually results from drastic changes in temperature. Bloom does not affect the taste of the chocolate; it is not mold and is absolutely safe to eat.
  • Can I freeze my chocolate?
    The ideal way to store chocolate is in a cool and dry place. If you decide to freeze your chocolate its best to leave in the original sealed package. When you are ready to eat, remove from freezer and allow it to thaw before opening the package. Freezing can result in “bloom” which is the white or grayish layer of cocoa fat that has come to the surface. Bloomed chocolate is safe to eat.
  • Are your products gluten free?
    Our products are not considered gluten free.
  • Are your products nut free?
    Our assorted chocolates do not contain nuts. Many of our Easter items do contain nuts. Nuts will be clearly identified on the back of the package in the ingredient list.
  • Is your chocolate Kosher?
    Many of our products are under Kosher certification. Check the package label for the symbol at the end of the ingredient statement.
  • Do your products have a Best By date?
    Assorted Chocolates sold in the US are marked with a best by date in the day, month and year format. Our assorted chocolates can be eaten after the best by date has passed. We recommend eating the chocolate within a few months to ensure the best taste. Our Easter products – Gold Brick, Heavenly Hash and Pecan Eggs – should be consumed shortly after Easter to ensure peak freshness. We recommend storing your chocolates in a cool and dry environment. If you need more information, contact us with the production code from your package (it’s typically stamped on the package and is 5 letters followed by a number).
  • How do we know what is in each piece of chocolate?
    Each shape and chocolate type has a unique filling. All of our packages have pictures of the chocolate with an explanation of the filling. You can also find the description of each of our chocolates here.
  • Are your products made in the US?
    Absolutely! We make all of our products in Ponchatoula, Louisiana USA. We also store all of our products on site until they are ready to ship to retailers.
  • Are any of your products organic?
    We do not have a line of organic chocolate and our products would not be considered organic.
  • Are there allergens in Elmer Chocolate products?
    Eggs, Milk, Nuts and Soy. These ingredients are clearly identified on the back of each package.
  • Do you make any sugar free products?
    We do not have sugar free chocolates.
  • Do you offer factory tours?
    Sorry – we do not. You can see portions of our facility and meet some of our employees in this video created by the National Confectioner’s Association. Keep an eye on our Facebook page – we post special videos about our process. Watch one .
  • Where can I buy Elmer Chocolate products?
    Each season we post a list of retailers carrying our chocolate products here . You will need to check your local stores for the specific items. Remember, our items are seasonal and only available at Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter.
  • What items do you sell year round?
    Gold Brick Topping can be purchased all year from our web site or several other resellers. This product is available in 8oz jars and giant 7-pound tins for commercial use.
  • Can I request a brochure?
    We list some of our new products online during Christmas and Valentine's Day. We don’t have brochures to send to consumers. If you are a business, contact us for product information via
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